Floor Standing Unit

Floor standing unit is very exclusive and a very rich way to promote your products. The basic concept used in floor standing unit is the normal trolley that we use in our homes, offices or in our day to day life. Most people generally use a floor standing unit as a shoe rack at their place. But there is another way of using it.

At Trident Combines, we use it for branding our client’s product. With the help of Floor Standing Unit, we give your products a stylish look. These units have been manufactured by using the latest technology and highest quality raw material that will help to ensure dependability, durability, and best possible strength. We offer the best possible price for our clients in the market.

At Trident Combines, we manufacture different types of floor standing units, for instance; Charging Unit, Canopies, Dispenser, Metal FSU, etc.

There are many different uses of Floor Standing Unit like:

Charging Unit

Charging unit is used for the charging of your different types of phone, Of course with the feel of our client’s product. It will have the floor like structure on a different level you can keep the different product.


A canopy is a structure where there are four pillars covered with a cloth on the top. The top cloth can be in any shape may be simple or dome shape. Canopies are the very best floor standing unit from this you can have a how may I help your desk, an enquiry counter or a ticket booking corner or anything you wish to have.

Dispenser/Metal Standing Unit

Dispenser Floor Standing Unit is like a newspaper stall or a magazine holder. Metal Floor standing Unit is like your hangers where you hang your products or make a Christmas tree out of it.


Best Product, coupled with practical, innovative thinking

Best manufacturer of Retail Floor Standing Unit in Mumbai, India. 

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