Metal Fabrication is a process of giving a raw metal a definite structure or a form. Metal Fabrication can also be termed as “Working with Metal”. Trident Combines mainly focuses on manufacturing, especially in metal. Hence, it is one of our forte.

Metal Fabrication is a quality included procedure that includes the development of machines and structures from different crude materials. A significant shop will offer an occupation typically dependent upon the designing drawings, and if honoured the agreement will raise the item. Vast significant shops utilise an incalculable number of quality included methods in one plant or office. Our company offers extra esteem to our clients by constraining the need for obtaining work force to spot numerous merchants for diverse administrations.


The Fabrication work in our factory is carried on a priority basis using advanced and well functioning equipment for doing fabrication work.

Raw materials we use for doing metal fabrication are plate metal, formed and advance metal, tube stock, square stock, welding wires and rods, hardware, casting, fitting etc.

We follow a step by step process for fabricating the metal.

Cutting the metal is done with the help of some equipment such as Shearing, Sawing and Chiselling. All the equipment we use is mechanical. Next, we bend the metal into the desired form to give it a definite shape. This is done by hammering the metal manually or by machines with the help of power breaks or tools like that. Finally, we assemble the parts together to install the plant or the product. It is done with the help of welding or by applying adhesives. This final step is the most important part, as after this the product will be ready to use!! Whoa….

Metal Fabrication - Trident Combines

We, Trident Combines, as a metal fabricating company, give our clients a foolproof result in the form of their products and give the best possible solution in the market than anyone else.

Also, we provide various services like Screen Printing, In-Shop Branding, and Contract Manufacturing, among others.